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01:33 AM illumos gate Bug #2811: missing implementation: zfs send -r
Verified in xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/zfs/zfs_main.c
It appears that the usage flags include:
252 case...
Mike La Spina


06:03 AM illumos gate Bug #968: fct driver sets incorrect fc-ct revision
Using revision 0x01 on FOS 5.1 and 6.2 (200E) (2009F16) show no signs of regression, the Brocade FOS logs are clean. ... Mike La Spina


10:46 AM illumos gate Bug #891: 'ZFS send' doesn't send clones correctly
Rich, I would agree as well. This is the expected behavior IMO. A send of the base file system would need to occur fi... Mike La Spina


05:17 PM illumos gate Bug #561: Strange characters when executing "format"
I grabbed a disk that was partitioned on vmware and added it as an rpool mirror dev to one of my Illumos builds....
Mike La Spina


09:36 PM illumos gate Bug #422 (Closed): vmxnet3s driver fails after compile from OpenIndiana
Running an OpenIndiana ESXi VM with a 10GB vmxnet3 driver installed and operational. After the illumos compile and on... Mike La Spina


05:15 AM illumos gate Feature #313 (New): Add a cross mount feature to NFSv3
Currently NFSv3 on ON/Net does not support cross mounts. If this feature were available it would remove administrativ... Mike La Spina


01:28 PM illumos gate Bug #131: Lun Size 0MB with Emulex LP9002L FC Target and snv_134
This bug is currently fixed as of Aug 18th 2010 in the onnv-gate hg, there are some other important fixes as well. Ma... Mike La Spina


07:11 PM illumos gate Bug #131 (Resolved): Lun Size 0MB with Emulex LP9002L FC Target and snv_134
This is the fix as posted by aandrews of Emulex on storage-discuss

static uint32_t...
Mike La Spina


09:15 PM illumos gate Bug #128 (Resolved): Splash image /boot/solaris.xpm file not found error stops the boot process
The boot archive menu.list file needs the splashimage file reference to be changed to /boot/splashimage.xpm
Mike La Spina

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