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07:32 AM illumos gate Bug #10043 (New): zfs receive -d and -e options are not mutually exclusive
The zfs(1m) man page seems to suggest that "-e" and "-d" options are mutually exclusive:... Ezomori Nozomu
07:24 AM illumos gate Bug #10042 (New): Assertion failed receiving root dataset with "-e"
On DEBUG builds the root dataset cannot be received from a zfs send stream... Ezomori Nozomu


11:12 PM illumos gate Bug #9960 (New): zpool: bogus error for invalid dedupditto value
When provided with an invalid 'dedupditto' value zpool prints a misleading error message:... Ezomori Nozomu


10:08 PM illumos gate Bug #9938 (New): Add zfs send "backup" support (zfs send -b)
This is a request to add zfs send "-b" to OpenZFS: this allows users to send only received properties.... Ezomori Nozomu


07:52 PM illumos gate Bug #9512 (Closed): zfs remap poolname@snapname coredumps
Only filesystems and volumes are valid "zfs remap" parameters: when passed a snapshot name zfs_remap_indirects() does... Ezomori Nozomu


09:16 AM illumos gate Bug #9125 (Closed): mdb's ::zfs_params needs updating
Running *::zfs_params* on a semi-recent Illumos build produces the following warning:... Ezomori Nozomu


10:37 PM illumos gate Bug #8943 (New): ZFS send fails to dump objects with size > 128PiB
When dumping objects larger than 128PiB it's possible for do_dump() to miscalculate the FREE_RECORD offset due to an ... Ezomori Nozomu
10:07 PM illumos gate Bug #8942 (Closed): zfs promote .../%recv should be an error
Reported on the ZFSonLinux github repo, fixed by Ezomori Nozomu
09:53 PM illumos gate Bug #8941 (Closed): zpool add: assertion failed in get_replication() with nested interior VDEVs
When replacing a faulted device which was previously handled by a spare multiple levels of nested interior VDEVs will... Ezomori Nozomu
09:37 PM illumos gate Bug #8940 (Closed): Sending an intra-pool resumable send stream may result in EXDEV
"zfs send -t <token>" for an incremental send should be able to resume successfully when sending to the same pool: a ... Ezomori Nozomu

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