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09:42 AM illumos gate Bug #8183: ls - code error
The webrev topic (even though not directly related to it) is here
David Carlier
06:55 AM illumos gate Bug #8183 (New): ls - code error
Around line 2620 there is a condition check against NULL with value variable but since it is dereferenced in this lin... David Carlier
07:14 AM illumos gate Bug #8175: ls / memory leak
Root cause analysis :
- Looked with valgrind ls command line behaviour
- Basically ls command line leaks memory, th...
David Carlier


01:46 PM illumos gate Bug #8175 (New): ls / memory leak
Some memory leaks exist within ls. My first contribution to illumos-gate, going to submit a patch. David Carlier

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