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illumos gate Reporter 2010-07-30



03:25 PM illumos gate Bug #566 (New): smb_token_sids2ids needs to return more useful information
@smb_token_sids2ids@ in @smb_logon.c@ has multiple different ways to fail, and no way to differentiate the cause of f... Matt Lewandowsky


05:24 AM site Bug #529 (New): There are no docs for new projects
I've spent way too much time over the past while scouring the site for instructions on how new projects are supposed ... Matt Lewandowsky
04:18 AM site Bug #119: Change Illumos to illumos
Assigning to Sergey as it seems I don't have the capability of correcting the footer. Matt Lewandowsky


08:21 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #488: VLC player
Removing category per request of estibi on IRC. Matt Lewandowsky
08:20 AM illumos gate Feature #461: missing /etc/zfs/zpool.cache
Re-flagging as Feature due to request from estibi on IRC. Matt Lewandowsky


12:18 AM site Bug #477: No way to mass-reassign issues
Also, a popup blocker would likely not cause the checkboxes to all deselect at random... Matt Lewandowsky
12:17 AM site Bug #477: No way to mass-reassign issues
Just the browser defaults. In any case, it does not work. There needs to be a non-Javascript solution, anyhow, for th... Matt Lewandowsky
12:07 AM site Bug #477: No way to mass-reassign issues
No, I see no errors. Also, only the first row clicked changes color. I *do* however see the Loading box pop up very b... Matt Lewandowsky
12:15 AM site Bug #486 (Feedback): I'm receiving for bugs I've not subscribed to
At about that time, I added Laurent as a Reporter for "site".
It seems totally broken to me that reporters get eac...
Matt Lewandowsky
12:05 AM site Feature #471 (Feedback): Make jumping between projects easier for bug tracking
This is also useful for the Forum and perhaps other things besides Issues. Matt Lewandowsky

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