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03:40 PM illumos gate Bug #13055 (New): zinject's range arg "-r" should accept hex values by default
zinject [-q] <-t type> [-e errno] [-l level] [-r range]
[-a] [-m] [-u] [-f freq] <object>
allows one t...
Sanjay Nadkarni


07:34 PM illumos gate Bug #12802 (New): When /usr/bin/find should report errors when actl_get fails.
Due to #9952 (openzfs #8668) files or directories with corrupted ACLs can exist. When /usr/bin/find comes across it,... Sanjay Nadkarni


11:54 PM illumos gate Bug #11619 (New): When sequential resilvering is enabled, under certain conditons, it can cause checksum errors. This problem is easy to repro on SSD based systems.
Here's a script that can repro this on NSStor systems. Note that while the Linux sequential resilvering code is base... Sanjay Nadkarni


09:02 PM illumos gate Feature #9112: Improve allocation performance on high-end systems
Adding details from openzfs emails from Paul.
We parallelize the allocation process by creating the ...
Sanjay Nadkarni

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