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09:07 PM illumos gate Feature #12507 (New): add sensor to nvme topo node to track device health, temp, endurance

This is track follow-on work to the NVMe libtopo support added by illumos#11959. It will add sensor facility nodes ...
Rob Johnston


09:15 PM illumos gate Feature #12502 (New): sensor-transport module should also poll motherboard and chassis sensors
The sensor-transport module is a plugin for fmd that is responsible for polling the discrete state on sensor nodes an... Rob Johnston
09:11 PM illumos gate Feature #12501 (New): libipmi need updates for IPMI 2.0 rev1.1
libipmi.h contains a set of #defines for the various sensor-specific reading types as documented in Section 42.2 of t... Rob Johnston
08:53 PM illumos gate Feature #12500: fmd: add support for write-only transport modules
A preliminary fix was been pushed to the '12500' branch of Rob Johnston
07:44 PM illumos gate Feature #12500 (New): fmd: add support for write-only transport modules

For more background, see chapter 4 of the Fault Manager Programmer’s Reference Manual.
Most of the operations ...
Rob Johnston
07:40 PM illumos gate Feature #12499 (New): Add ddi interface for posting ireports

Among many other things, the following change extended the fault management infrastructure to support a new top-l...
Rob Johnston
12:14 AM illumos gate Feature #12493 (New): topo_sensor_type_name() should recognize OEM sensors
The IPMI specification reserves the range of sensor type numbers from 0xC0 to 0xFF for OEM-defined sensor types. Curr... Rob Johnston
12:12 AM illumos gate Feature #12492 (New): fmadm(1m) should support generating machine-parseable output.
Currently fmdump(1m) supports generating machine-parseable output (json) via the "-j" option. However, there is no su... Rob Johnston
12:08 AM illumos gate Bug #12491 (New): extend libdiskstatus to support NVMe devices

The libdiskstatus library reads the SMART data from a disk drive and produces a data structure describing if any ...
Rob Johnston
12:04 AM illumos gate Feature #12490 (New): Extend EM support in ahci driver to support SGPIO messages
The enclosure management (EM) support in the ahci driver currently only supports the LED message type for controlling... Rob Johnston

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