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03:21 PM illumos gate Bug #12285: kpti_trampolines.s does not build with binutils 2.34
This was an upstream bug:
This should probably just be closed
John Levon
03:19 PM illumos gate Bug #12889 (Duplicate): ctfconvert fails on empty array
dupe of #10854 John Levon


11:22 PM illumos gate Feature #12854 (Closed): Change gcc to produce 64 bit binary by default
This isn't filed in the right place; compiler delivery is via distributions such as OpenIndiana or OmniOS. Please fil... John Levon


11:42 AM illumos gate Bug #12694: race between write() and shutdown() for unix sockets
Aside from testing this fix against the haproxy test case and confirming it lasts for hours without the issue (along ... John Levon


06:08 PM illumos gate Bug #4963: posix thread priority functions are broken for TS class
Looking at this again, this is happening because we don't actually know ->ts_uprilim at set_priority(), so we can't t... John Levon


10:40 PM illumos gate Bug #12828: ucode/ should be able to use git repos
filed as #12817 ? John Levon
02:54 PM illumos gate Bug #12826: update to smatch 0.6.1-rc1-il-6
tested with a full build John Levon
02:44 PM illumos gate Bug #12826 (Closed): update to smatch 0.6.1-rc1-il-6
fix a crash in state_name_to_param_name() that was breaking illumos-joyent build John Levon


12:43 PM illumos gate Bug #12694: race between write() and shutdown() for unix sockets
Given the above, the apparent fix is relatively simple:... John Levon


10:36 PM illumos gate Bug #12241: smatch: misreported 'mask and shift to zero'
still apparently there post-#12716 John Levon

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