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OpenIndiana Distribution Manager 2010-09-15



06:43 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #7953 (Duplicate): Support for the Zstandard compression
Albert Lee


02:03 AM illumos gate Bug #11839 (New): ipmi_close can panic trying to free invalid dev_t
We've experienced panics in ipmi_close calling id_free which bottoms out in a vmem_hash_delete with a NULL address. T... Albert Lee


07:04 AM illumos gate Feature #965: Give sane defaults for CODEMGR_WS and STAFFER
Yuri Pankov wrote:
> Already done?
It appears the changes are in place for this when Git is the SCM (as it's not us...
Albert Lee


07:59 PM illumos gate Bug #7117: Dangling references to usr/src/common/openssl
This bug is not visible when the files from closed-bins (@closed/root_i386/licenses/usr/src/common/openssl/*@) are co... Albert Lee
06:53 PM illumos gate Bug #7117 (Closed): Dangling references to usr/src/common/openssl
After 5086 removed usr/src/common/openssl, there was a remaining reference to @usr/src/common/openssl/LICENSE@ in @us... Albert Lee


04:32 PM illumos gate Feature #104 (New): Bring back lx brand
I think so. Albert Lee


10:23 PM illumos gate Bug #1691: zfs diff hardlinks problem
Michael Keller wrote:
> I find the current behaviour plain wrong because the user thinks that zdiff shows paths but ...
Albert Lee


06:18 PM illumos gate Bug #5860 (New): NFSv4 server incorrectly processes linktext4 (symbolic link) data
With #5761 we introduce the updated RFC 7531 definition of the NFSv4 XDR interface. Symbolic link contents are now ex... Albert Lee


01:02 AM illumos gate Bug #4085 (In Progress): mpathadm list lu cause panic
This has the same symptoms as an issue with retired devices with multiple paths we have identified and fixed, with th... Albert Lee


07:45 PM illumos gate Bug #4310: Another mpt_sas panic
The IOC reset is due to a task management command failure which is certainly unusual and has a separate root cause.
Albert Lee

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