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illumos gate Reporter 2011-04-17
OpenIndiana Distribution Developer, Reporter 2017-04-30



02:50 PM illumos gate Feature #14580: loader.efi: detect console from ConOut/ConOutDev
I have this setting in /boot/loader.conf on my supermicro system:... Gary Mills


01:55 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #14491: MDDS library compiled as 64-bit in 32-bit path. Libreoffice 64-bit can't find it during configure
Probably the right solution is to put both locations in PKG_CONFIG_PATH.64 but you will have to also remove the last ... Gary Mills


08:27 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #14441: pylint should depend on typing_extensions and astroid
That's peculiar. The dependencies are there:... Gary Mills


02:05 PM illumos gate Bug #13098: Low output level from audio devices
A slightly related bug is this one: 10619 audiohd ignores digital output pins such as HDMI/DP
Gary Mills


03:05 PM illumos gate Bug #14227 (New): USB automount failure implicates hald
This problem was partially investigated by Joshua M Culow. He concluded that hald or glib was broken.
I've contin...
Gary Mills


01:08 PM illumos gate Bug #14076: OI: Ipfilter firewall table rules won't load at startup
This sounds like an illumos problem, not an OI problem. Try posting the same report to the illumos bug reporting sit... Gary Mills


12:54 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #13823: Add a command to edit btime
There is no btime in Unix, only atime, mtime, and ctime. See stat(2) for details.
Gary Mills


03:31 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13858: x11 hot plug keyboard does not work
I've seen two related problems with a recent OI upgrade. One is that my KVM will no longer reconnect my USB keyboard... Gary Mills


12:56 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13757: gnome-keyring-d dumps core on menu bar shutdown
This is a very common error on OI. It happens on shutdown. Here's information from three hosts:
Gary Mills


09:14 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13621: OpenIndiana boot problem with AMD IOMMU
AMD CPUs have a known problem with the power supply that can cause the system to hang. Fixing it requires a change i... Gary Mills

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