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09:46 AM illumos gate Bug #9885: zoneadm takes ages to do something on a system with many snapshots
Adding logs of another attempt with `truss -fleaD` arguments.
Timing was 1m27s from start of truss to start of zsched.
Jim Klimov


03:27 PM illumos gate Bug #9885: zoneadm takes ages to do something on a system with many snapshots
Looking at processes, this time it took about a minute and a half to begin starting the OS inside the zone:... Jim Klimov
03:19 PM illumos gate Bug #9885: zoneadm takes ages to do something on a system with many snapshots
Attached a truss of the zoneadm startup, per ... Jim Klimov
10:13 AM illumos gate Bug #9885 (Closed): zoneadm takes ages to do something on a system with many snapshots
I was investigating why "zones:default" service failed on my laptop, and found that attempts to boot zones timed out.... Jim Klimov


09:30 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #2027: installing time-slider does not force re-read of dbus configuration files
Hit this (or similar) problem with a recent OI Hipster:... Jim Klimov


12:15 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #2623: Package and provide OpenVPN and tun/tap drivers manageable by dladm
FWIW, Enhanced support for OpenVPN, including multiple SMF instances for different setups, landed into OI/Hipster thi... Jim Klimov


06:34 PM illumos gate Bug #6219: esc is sensitive to /usr/bin/cpp
Note: Looking at code (because I did have a problem with `esc` taking a wrong `cpp`) I found there is support for an ... Jim Klimov


11:01 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #7081 (Resolved): gegrep and gfgrep symlinks no longer work
Our packages (specifically pkg:// in my case) deliver l... Jim Klimov


04:14 PM illumos gate Feature #104: Bring back lx brand
Will the "rejected" status be revised, now that there is some work over the past year being done by SmartOS folks and... Jim Klimov


11:49 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #829: Support installing OpenIndiana into a hierarchy of datasets
FYI: The scripts and patches relevant to this issue and ones related to it have initially been placed as attachments ... Jim Klimov

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