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03:22 AM illumos gate Bug #13669 (New): io:::done doesn't fire for IOs started from aphysio()
Running fio with `ioengine=solarisaio` I see this:
# dtrace -n 'io:::start,io:::done{ @[probefunc, probename]...
Adam Leventhal


12:30 AM illumos gate Bug #3520: dtrace internal error -- token type 316 is not a valid D compilation token
The trace() and print() actions need to explicitly handle the case of having an aggregation for an argument. Adam Leventhal
12:29 AM illumos gate Bug #3519: DTrace fails to resolve const types from fbt
Looking at the arc_read_nolock fuction, we can see that the types for which DTrace is struggling are the const ones:
Adam Leventhal


05:12 PM illumos gate Bug #3447 (Closed): improve the comment in txg.c
Currently the ZFS transaction groups are described in the code in a spartan manner:
* Pool-wide transaction g...
Adam Leventhal


05:11 AM illumos gate Feature #3123 (Resolved): need a way to force loading of DTrace helpers
if a DTrace helper is built with -xlazyload then it will not be loaded by default. This is the case for whi... Adam Leventhal


12:30 AM illumos gate Bug #3026 (Resolved): libdtrace should set LD_NOLAZYLOAD=1 to help the pid provider
Adam Leventhal
12:23 AM illumos gate Bug #3025 (Resolved): register leak in D code generation
dt_cg_ptrsize() can leak a register:
185 dt_cg_ptrsize(dt_node_t *dnp, dt_irlist_t *dlp, dt_regset_t *drp,
Adam Leventhal
12:18 AM illumos gate Bug #3024 (Resolved): D integer narrowing needs some work
casting between types in DTrace can lead to unexpected results; C should be used as the model for how DTrace should b... Adam Leventhal
12:16 AM illumos gate Bug #3023 (Resolved): it should be possible to dereference dynamic variables
Currently you can examine members of dynamic variables:
but you cannot copy the whole structure...
Adam Leventhal
12:13 AM illumos gate Bug #3022 (Resolved): DTrace: keys should not affect the sort order when sorting by value
# dtrace -n 'BEGIN{ @[(int)1, (int)1] = sum(1); @[(short)2, (short)2] = sum(2); exit(0); }'
dtrace: description 'BEG...
Adam Leventhal

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