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03:29 AM site Feature #57 (Closed): mailman integration with redmine forums
It's just too ugly to try to wire redmine and mailman together. It's not going to work. There's not enough payoff to ... Andre van Eyssen
03:28 AM site Feature #70 (Closed): Setup planet
No complaints; closing. Andre van Eyssen
03:27 AM site Bug #109: sponsors "pane" is malformed on small windows
While you're at it, can you check the links match the logos? I've had a comment that something wasn't right there. Andre van Eyssen


03:34 AM site Bug #155 (Closed): Time on w0[12] is weird
reboot done. Andre van Eyssen


08:47 PM site Bug #155 (In Progress): Time on w0[12] is weird
/etc/default/init now Under Control, will reboot shortly. Andre van Eyssen


09:27 PM site Feature #105: an auto-push to, etc, would be nice
Assigning to bdha, our latest most dedicated victim. Err, volunteer. Andre van Eyssen
09:26 PM site Bug #117 (Resolved): add admin-council and developer-council to whitelists
Cooked. Andre van Eyssen
09:25 PM site Bug #134 (Closed): Remove the discarded Reviewboard installation from w02
Remove it, scrub it, clean it up and make it gone. Andre van Eyssen


11:47 PM site Bug #122 (Closed): please publish the CDDL at
Done and verified. Andre van Eyssen
09:22 AM site Bug #119: Change Illumos to illumos
Updated some more ... assigned back - please supply a list of requested changes when you find something new. Andre van Eyssen

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