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06:23 PM illumos gate Bug #2663: zpool should handle 4k drives
This update should go in regardless of what autosensing exists, since if you're setting up a pool on 512B sectors and... Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk
04:28 PM illumos gate Bug #2663 (In Progress): zpool should handle 4k drives
The current zpool should have a way to override sector size in case of "advanced format" drives with internal 4k sect... Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk


04:30 PM illumos gate Feature #2605 (Closed): want to resume interrupted zfs send
With ZFS send/receive of large datasets, it would be rather nice to have an incremental or a resumable zfs send/recei... Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk


03:31 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1179: ZFS time-slider and auto-snapshots not working due to missing zfssnap-roleadd SMF service
It clearly doesn't work on a fresh 151a install here Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk


02:08 PM illumos gate Bug #2102 (New): Resilver restarts if second drive dies
Hi all
I have a server with four RAIDz2 VDEVs, and the other day, a drive, c14t19d0, died. The spare, c9t7d0, step...
Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk


04:32 PM illumos gate Feature #1596: Allow tuning resilver priority
To clarify, zpool said it'll take ~10 hours to finish the resilver while under load. After stopping the rsync, it fin... Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk
04:18 PM illumos gate Feature #1596 (New): Allow tuning resilver priority
Hi all
I recently had an issue with this system. It's got 11 VDEVs with 7 drives each (Hitachi HDS723020BLA642) in...
Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk


05:39 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #228: fail2ban for OpenIndiana and friends
I vote for closing this ticket and rather spend time on denyhosts (see link above). Denyhosts is distributed and reli... Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk


08:46 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #228: fail2ban for OpenIndiana and friends
To be honest, I'm not sure if this is worth the task. [[]] is probably better for th... Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk


08:56 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #280: Changing default path to have Solaris bins first?
Shouldn't this really be fixed before 151? It really breaks Solaris compatibility, which is part of the plan. Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk

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