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illumos gate Developer 2010-09-10



07:10 PM illumos gate Feature #1582: SSD detection support
SBC-3 specification suggests that this MRR to be 1 if the devi...
Vineeth Pillai


04:36 PM illumos gate Feature #1582 (In Progress): SSD detection support
Vineeth Pillai
04:35 PM illumos gate Feature #1582 (Closed): SSD detection support
We need support for SSD detection for performance tuning and optimization for applications.
sd driver detects SSD ...
Vineeth Pillai


04:22 PM illumos gate Feature #1361 (Resolved): Add support for socket options TCP_KEEPCNT, TCP_KEEPIDLE, TCP_KEEPINTVL
Linux and couple of other Unix Flavors support 3 IPPROTO_TCP options which are not in solaris. Some opensource progra... Vineeth Pillai


03:48 AM illumos gate Bug #197 (Resolved): svc.startd may not pick up locale correctly
While investigating on #168, we came across svc.startd code which also has potential issues with setting the locale.
Vineeth Pillai


04:48 AM illumos gate Bug #168: svcs should function even if locale is missing
The issue here is that variable locale is NULL and libscf expects it not to be NULL. This is due to the following cod... Vineeth Pillai

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