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06:48 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #6555 (Resolved): gtk3 does not appear to be usable
gtk3 is now delivered by hipster. As far as I am aware, no hipster packages use this library yet. One candidate for u... Alex Viskovatoff


06:14 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #4115 (In Progress): Transmission 2.60 upgrade
I modified the userland Makefile to build the same version as the version of the SFE package that was referred to abo... Alex Viskovatoff


04:28 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #6228 (Resolved): is missing
Hipster's boost package does not contain Boost.Locale. A description of that library can be found here: Alex Viskovatoff


06:54 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #4115 (Feedback): Transmission 2.60 upgrade
SFEtransmission is now at 2.60. That is the latest version that does not require GTK+3. This version of Transmission ... Alex Viskovatoff


11:04 PM illumos gate Bug #1970: Boot fails from an rpool on Hitachi 4k sector drives
zdb produces the following:
MOS Configuration:
version: 28
name: 'rpool'
state: 0
Alex Viskovatoff


09:01 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #1943: Add Leafpad to dev or experimental repo
Milan Jurik wrote:
> SFE contains leafpad spec, it could be added to OI SFE repo quickly.
Alex Viskovatoff


06:54 PM illumos gate Bug #1957 (Closed): Printing to a Generic Postscript Network printer.
Alex Viskovatoff


10:27 PM illumos gate Bug #1970 (Closed): Boot fails from an rpool on Hitachi 4k sector drives
The drives are two Hitachi Desktar 7K1000 D drives in a mirrored pool. They are novel in that they have a single plat... Alex Viskovatoff


01:25 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1861: Boot failure in Linux KVM
This has absolutely nothing to do with SFE. Alex Viskovatoff


07:33 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1534: VirtualBox (4.1.2) suddenly core dumps after latest 151 changes
This is a perplexing problem, especially since it does not occur on Solaris 11 Early Adaptor, which comes with gcc 4.... Alex Viskovatoff

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