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illumos gate Reporter 2010-07-29



12:14 AM site Bug #451 (Closed): Redmine authentication are confused by vs www.
Sergey Generalov
12:14 AM site Feature #469 (Closed): Issue tracker needs category support
Sergey Generalov
12:12 AM site Feature #471 (In Progress): Make jumping between projects easier for bug tracking
Yes, it make sense Sergey Generalov
12:11 AM site Bug #468 (Feedback): Need faster/low-latency mirror for "illumos-gate"
Roland Mainz, there is illumos-gate in
Sergey Generalov
12:07 AM site Bug #470 (Closed): Cannot reopen closed issues
I allowed Report changing status from Close to "Feedback" for bugs
Sergey Generalov
12:04 AM site Feature #472 (Feedback): Allow issues to span multiple projects
Redmine supports cross-project relationship. Is this what you need?
Sergey Generalov
12:01 AM site Bug #480: Need to be able to change bug/feature/support on an issue
Matt, did you find this button, can I close this issue? Sergey Generalov
12:00 AM site Bug #486: I'm receiving for bugs I've not subscribed to
It is configurable in My Page, In Email notifications section, set "Only for things I watch or I'm involved in". Laur... Sergey Generalov


11:55 PM site Bug #264 (Closed): Long links in "Latest Projects" section will overflow
fixed, added overflow property, also I added css property: word-wrap: break-word; which is supported by safari. Sergey Generalov
11:49 PM site Feature #492 (Resolved): Upgrade redmine to 1.0.4 version
Sergey Generalov

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