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illumos gate Developer 2011-02-06



08:06 AM illumos gate Bug #13313 (New): ctf build in tools uses cw from /opt/onbld
After #9944 and #11480, ctf is built as part of bootstrap target but it already requires cw, and we switch the ONBLD_... Yuri Pankov


10:39 AM illumos gate Bug #1513: need update dependency to package install/beadm
As I have noticed 9 years later, it looks like the actual bug here is that libinstzones is for some weird reason ship... Yuri Pankov


11:41 AM illumos gate Bug #12953 (In Progress): convert printf(3c) and vprintf(3c) to mdoc
To allow for easier (and meaningful) updates to these man pages, convert them to mdoc proper. Yuri Pankov


06:03 PM illumos gate Feature #12530 (Feedback): combine w(1) and whodo(1M)
Actually after taking a look at what whodo(1M) really does, I don't see a point in keeping it at all - -l mode is alr... Yuri Pankov


07:17 PM illumos gate Feature #12530 (In Progress): combine w(1) and whodo(1M)
Yuri Pankov


09:32 PM illumos gate Bug #12604: w needs to use line name instead of pid
To test this I used tmux built with utempter support, and checked that `w` output corresponds to what is actually run... Yuri Pankov


12:06 PM illumos gate Bug #12874: small errors in wcswidth(3C)
That paragraph also needs to be moved from RETURN VALUES to DESCRIPTION section. Yuri Pankov


06:02 PM illumos gate Bug #12815: ucode/ needs pkgfmt fix
Dan McDonald wrote:
> Tested during the update for #12816. Pre-fix, generated terrible noise in the manifest. Post...
Yuri Pankov


02:11 PM illumos gate Bug #12810 (Closed): usr/src/tools/opensolaris contents are unused
The following files are not used during the build, not shipped, and don't seem to have any useful information in them... Yuri Pankov


09:44 AM illumos gate Bug #6037: zfs(1M) needs to handle unknown uid/gid in context of allow/unallow more gracefully
openzfs pr is lost and forgotten, there's another pr in zol:, back to the p... Yuri Pankov

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