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Reported issues: 281


06:53 AM illumos gate Bug #8899 (In Progress): zpool list property documentation doesn't match actual behaviour
The `zpool list` section of the zpool(8) manpage says th...
03:41 AM illumos gate Bug #8898 (In Progress): creating fs with checksum=skein on the boot pools fails ungracefully
02:53 AM illumos gate Bug #8897 (In Progress): zpool online -e fails assertion when run on non-leaf vdevs


09:08 AM illumos gate Bug #8858: /usr/bin/grep doesn't support -E option
The only sane solution here is to drop cmd/{e,f,}grep and use "xpg4" one as default (making appropriate symlinks).


12:13 AM illumos gate Bug #8808: nvmeadm get-features: panic: programming error: invalid field in cmd
We are seeing this with real (non-emulated) NVMe devices (not sure which exactly at the moment, can provide the make/...


06:52 AM illumos gate Bug #7380 (Closed): Expose xdf minor nodes when in PV-HVM mode
Duplicates #7777.
06:51 AM illumos gate Bug #8746: Xen: text-install: #de Divide error; xdf:xdf_lb_rdwr+66
This is related to #7777 - we now have xdf devices with all minor nodes exposed, but the CD handling is unrealiable. ...


03:43 PM illumos gate Bug #8742: potential iscsi panic
Is this in any way related to #2867?


04:59 PM illumos gate Feature #7823 (Closed): implement autoreplace matching based on FRU slot number
review/RTI timeout.


02:21 AM illumos gate Bug #8710 (Closed): HVM with more than 2 VCPUs hangs on Xen 4.7
Trying to run the HVM with more than 2 VCPUs hangs on Xen 4.7 while initializing the 3rd CPU.
Looking at the CPU i...

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