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illumos gate Developer 2011-02-06



03:26 PM illumos gate Bug #13765: zfs_clone_010_pos fails with newer python
We just changed it to the following to get rid of python dependency entirely (at least for that test case):... Yuri Pankov


01:33 PM illumos gate Bug #13708 (In Progress): remove lint cruft from Makefile.master
It serves no purpose anymore. Yuri Pankov
01:32 PM illumos gate Bug #13707 (In Progress): remove C99LMODE cruft
Various lint cleanups seem to have left C99LMODE cruft intact, probably as it does not stand out as lint related. Yuri Pankov


04:20 PM illumos gate Bug #13693: loader: we should support pools without features
To test this, I updated bootx64.efi in ESP, and was again able to boot from pool without any features. Yuri Pankov


10:31 AM illumos gate Bug #13667 (New): pkg lint should not run if we are not building packages
pkg lint seems to run no matter if we build packages ('p' in NIGHTLY_OPTIONS) or not, it shouldn't as it's going to f... Yuri Pankov


12:19 PM illumos gate Bug #12558: Builtin command "printf" of ksh93 does not behave as specified
Jens Elkner wrote in #note-5:
> ksh is correct: GMT is a timezone, UTC is a standard.
It isn't, UTC is valid time...
Yuri Pankov


08:51 PM illumos gate Bug #13622 (Closed): Memory leak in coretemp_create_sensor
... Yuri Pankov


10:06 AM illumos gate Bug #13569: bootfs_006_pos: 7404 forgot to remove the "not supported" comment
Or, at least, move the now supported pool types above that comment. Yuri Pankov
10:03 AM illumos gate Bug #13569 (New): bootfs_006_pos: 7404 forgot to remove the "not supported" comment
#7404 changed bootfs_006_pos to treat some pool types as supporting bootfs but forgot to remove the @## the following... Yuri Pankov


10:19 PM illumos gate Bug #11245: zfstest rename_dirs_001_pos RENAME_DIRS is undefined
Just noticed this as well, and it looks the test case is fixed in openzfs long time ago; the sleep interval is greatl... Yuri Pankov

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