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06:35 PM illumos gate Feature #6941: ahci should attach to Intel ICH8 'RAID controller'
Any chance for this to be merged? Would be nice to be able to switch my vm box to smartos. Edho Arief


03:59 AM illumos gate Bug #934: FreeBSD's GPT not recognized
if my hypothesis is correct, oi doesn't recognize gpt partitions with non-solaris gptid.
Steps (not tested):
- cr...
Edho Arief


09:18 AM illumos gate Bug #934: FreeBSD's GPT not recognized
After more messing around, I discovered that one of the reason was the efi label (or whatever it was) was on cXdYtZs2... Edho Arief


11:56 PM illumos gate Bug #934 (Resolved): FreeBSD's GPT not recognized
When migrating my main desktop from FreeBSD few days ago, I found out that OI doesn't recognize my GPT partitions and... Edho Arief

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