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illumos gate Developer 2020-04-07



08:33 PM illumos gate Feature #13178: ::msgbuf could see more than 8KB of logs
Tested by using ::msgbuf dcmd in MDB. Generated and read crash dumps, before and after the change. Nick Ewins


11:02 PM illumos gate Bug #12764: Holes prevent TRIM
This patch needs to be tested against the ZFS test suite. I've been looking to get proper hardware. It appears the e... Nick Ewins


03:34 PM illumos gate Bug #12390: AES: aes_mech_info_tab error
crypto digest test log showing all passed. Nick Ewins


02:53 PM illumos gate Bug #12390: AES: aes_mech_info_tab error
To test, I built and booted a BE containing this change and then ran the crypto digest tests which all passed. Nick Ewins


02:56 AM illumos gate Bug #12764 (In Progress): Holes prevent TRIM
Nick Ewins
02:30 AM illumos gate Bug #12764: Holes prevent TRIM
Tested to generate the error by creating a zpool and associated SLOG. Removing the SLOG and performing zpool trim <p... Nick Ewins


12:01 AM illumos gate Feature #12471: /usr/share/terminfo compatibility symlink
Tested using dtrace and infocmp to reveal terminal description information.
Tested symlink to /usr/share/terminfo...
Nick Ewins

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