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OpenIndiana Distribution Manager, Developer, Reporter 2015-12-14



12:28 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #14452: meson's "more efficient static linking" may be causing static library linking to fail Aurélien Larcher


11:50 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13320 (Resolved): postfix does not deliver /usr/lib/sendmail link
Alright! Righty'o! Aurélien Larcher


01:17 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #12819 (Resolved): pkgmogrify should not remove quotes from values containing macros Aurélien Larcher
01:15 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #12821 (Resolved): gmake print-package-names should work for all the components
Aurélien Larcher
01:14 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #12822 (Resolved): Provide JSON formatted metadata for each component
Aurélien Larcher
01:14 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #12823 (Resolved): Provide a rule to construct a JSON formatted mapping of components
Aurélien Larcher
01:13 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13459 (Resolved): xvnc depends also on x11/keyboard/data-xkb and x11/keyboard/xkbcomp
Thank you!
Aurélien Larcher
01:05 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13276 (Closed): [website] 2020.10 announcement download link not working
Aurélien Larcher
12:59 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13448 (Resolved): sqlite3: two symbols missing in mapfile Aurélien Larcher
12:51 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13447 (Resolved): nspr.pc should include runpath Aurélien Larcher

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