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09:44 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10348: Weed out MPFR, MPC, & GMP sub-components from GCC components
This was a design decision to avoid breakage of the compiler if the update of one of the dependencies went wrong.
Aurélien Larcher


11:55 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10294: gcc-7 build fails with native assembler
Linker support was added before I pushed gcc-7 so it is fine for x86.
If you make any change I suggest that you do n...
Aurélien Larcher


06:07 PM Graphics/DRM Bug #9958 (Resolved): Missing header libsync.h
This header was introduced in libdrm 2.4.72 and is required to build recent drm-related userland code. Aurélien Larcher


04:30 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9065 (Resolved): Libgee outdated
Aurélien Larcher
04:30 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9065: Libgee outdated
0.20.1 was pushed a long while ago. Aurélien Larcher
04:23 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9582 (Resolved): Inkscape 0.92.3 does not open GUI interface.
Aurélien Larcher
04:22 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9686 (Closed): OpenIndiana uses 1.3 GB doing nothng
Aurélien Larcher
04:21 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #9551 (Resolved): MATE 1.18: Bump revisions (Spring Refresh II)
Aurélien Larcher


02:00 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9581 (Resolved): xscreensaver-demo dumps core on Help -> About
Aurélien Larcher


01:49 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9579: we had a spammer hit the issue tracking system
There were other accounts involved in the past 2 weeks but unfortunately I am not sure where to direct the info. Aurélien Larcher

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