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02:50 PM Graphics/DRM Feature #12395 (New): Update to libdrm >= 2.4.97
Required by recent Xorg and Mesa.
Currently tested with 2.4.99 but need to fix an issue with Intel adapters.
Aurélien Larcher
02:48 PM Graphics/DRM Bug #12394: gfx-drm should use gcc-7 Aurélien Larcher
02:36 PM Graphics/DRM Bug #12394 (Resolved): gfx-drm should use gcc-7
Aurélien Larcher


09:26 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #11887: Build and publish errors for developer/gcc-6 on SPARC
Thank you Gary I will take care of this. Aurélien Larcher


06:55 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #7820 (Closed): Pulseaudio error Failed to open volume database
Closing as the version is obsolete. Aurélien Larcher
06:54 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8798 (Resolved): VirtualBox 5.1.30 fails to start with segmentation fault
Aurélien Larcher
06:53 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8110 (Closed): /hipster: pulseaudio 10.0 dumps core on start and dies
Closing since the version is now obsolete. Aurélien Larcher
06:50 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8545 (Resolved): Remove libunique Aurélien Larcher
06:44 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8431 (Closed): Firefox 52.2.0 certificate isues requiring cert8.db removal
Closing as the Firefox version is now unsupported. Aurélien Larcher
06:42 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8889 (Closed): vlc-cache-gen crashes on exit
Aurélien Larcher

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